What Is Noni?

Noni is a fruit with extraordinary healing properties… Health Benefits Of Noni Juice that people everywhere are now becoming more aware of. It’s been used traditionally for over 3,000 years in cultures around the globe from Asia to Polynesia and now onward to the countries of the northern hemisphere.

The list of Noni’s positive health benefits is seemingly endless, and positively amazing. But where does this miraculous, exotic health tonic come from?

Noni grows in many places around the greater pan-Asian region. But originally – even before it’s properties were utilized in Polynesian cultures – the plant came from South Asia.

“Noni” is the common name for Morinda citrifolia linn, also known as Indian Mulberry.

Noni Juice ProducerMorinda citrifolia is an evergreen shrub ranging in size from a small bush to a tree 20 or 30 feet high. It has rigid, coarse branches which bear dark, oval, glossy leaves.

Morinda citrifolia is indigenous to India, Malaysia, and Southeast Asia. From it’s origins on the Indian subcontinent, this hardy plant has made it’s way around the globe. Noni is known for its extreme environmental tolerance. It thrives in infertile, acidic and alkaline soils and in very dry to very wet areas. People who live with Noni plants in the area recognize it sight unseen because of the fruit’s pungent smell when fully ripe. Approximately the size of a small potato when fully matured, the Noni fruit has a lumpy appearance and a waxy, semi-translucent skin that ranges in color as it ripens from green to yellow to white. Noni Juice SupplierThe fruit is gel-like when ripened and its flesh is bitter. The fruit features a knobby texture, and contains numerous black seeds with air sacs which lend the seeds buoyancy in water. It is thought that because of their buoyancy the Noni fruit traveled by sea to other parts of the world. The tough sacs also protect the seeds from harsh conditions such as salt, sand and gravel.
Small white fragrant flowers bloom out of cluster-like pods which bear creamy white colored fruit.

Noni Juice Manufacturers

Traditional Noni Juice is made in Thailand

  from 100% Noni fruit, Morinda citrifolia. Traditional Noni Juice is completely natural – it contains no alcohol, sugar, additional water or other additives of any kind. It is the finest product of its kind anywhere in the world today.Bookmark and Share
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