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THE REAL FACTS behind Green Technology Group Co. Ltd.

…and why we are not only the BEST VALUE, but the BEST QUALITY Noni Juice you will EVER be able to put into your body. “Hi I’m Robert Jenkyns, CEO and Co-Founder of Noni juice plantation and bottling company in Thailand.
How we got started:
Well, we must go back a few years to when I was first introduced to a product called “Tahitian Noni” in Brisbane, Australia. This juice helped me and my family, and friends all over Australia and New Zealand. In 2 years I built a 6 figure income with the MLM program that came with the product, and my business network spread over 10 countries around the world. But then something happened: people stopped using the juice. Why? Because it stopped working for them, and it stopped working for me at the same time. Naturally, my income took a nose-dive. All the hard work, time and money spent building a network were going down the drain. I decided to take a trip to Thailand to see why my business was going down there, too. Same reason, it wasn’t working! Plus the product was far too costly for most people to afford. The saying “everyone everywhere needs Tahitian Noni” wasn’t working anymore, not for me, and not for my people. I took the time to travel around Thailand – seeing the country first hand, and all the people that really needed NONI JUICE but couldn’t afford it at 2,000 baht a litre or US$66. To my surprise I also found that NONI fruit – Morinda citrifolia – grew all over Thailand in the wild, and every home seemed to have a Noni tree in their garden. That started me thinking, and that’s how we got started making our 100% pure Traditional Noni Juice. Oh, by the way, I met my lovely wife Sopha while traveling around Thailand, and she’s the one who really pushed me into doing what we do today, making the World’s Best Noni Juice AVAILABLE to everyone, everywhere – at the lowest price possible.

The REAL FACTS about pricing

You must understand the price of “Tahitian Noni” is over inflated because of the pay-back costs inherent in multi-level marketing. They pay back about 50 to 55% of the purchase price, besides their high overhead and running costs around the world. If you take that away from the retail cost of 2,000 baht or today $66.00 US, that will bring the price down to around $33 a litre. This is the TRUE price of Noni Juice anywhere in the world. Other companies are pricing just under the artificially inflated prices of “Tahitian Noni,” in order to take advantage of the false price level that’s been created. Our mission is to change all that. No one should have to pay sky-high prices for one of nature’s great gifts. Now I hope everyone, everywhere understands why our 100% pure Traditional Noni Juice is the best value at only 700 Baht, or about US$23.00 per litre retail in Thailand. Sopha and I want everyone around the world to experience the difference that 100% Pure TRADITIONAL NONI JUICE can make for them – at the lowest price possible! Remember, it is the finest product of its kind anywhere in the world today. We make it that way!
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