Health Benefits of Noni Juice

Scientific studies within the last few decades lend support…
to the claims of its unusual healing power. The following assessment of the benefits that some people have indicated they have experienced was carried out and published extensively by Dr. Neil Solomon. Scientific research is ongoing. For more research information, perform a search.
Table 3. 25 Conditions Helped by People Who Took Noni (n=15,000)
Condition Total # % Helped
Allergy, decreased symptoms 1,875 88%
Arthritis, lessened symptoms 1,235 80%
Asthma, improved 5,689 70%
Cancer, lessened symptoms 1,419 69%
CEFIDS, Fibromyalgia, lessened symptoms 2,399 78%
Depression, lessened symptoms 1,111 77%
Diabetes, Types 1& 2, improved 4,232 84%
Digestion, improved 2,392 90%
Energy, increased 12,199 90%
Heart Disease, decreased symptoms 1,643 78%
High Blood Pressure, decreased 1,411 85%
HIV, lessened symptoms 105 56%
Kidney Health, improved 2,838 67%
Menstruation, lessened symptoms 2,573 78%
Mental Acuity, increased alertness 3,844 74%
Multiple Sclerosis, lessened symptoms 17 51%
Muscle, increased body building 933 71%
Obesity, lost some excess weight 4,181 71%
Pain, including headaches, decreased 5,139 86%
Sexual Enhancement 2,276 85%
Sleep, improved 1,534 74%
Smoking, stopped 663 58%
Stress, coped better 5,156 72%
Stroke, decreased symptoms 1,391 55%
Well-being, felt better 5,915 78%
In Table 4, I report the minimum, average, and maximum amount of noni juice people drank who suffered from specific illnesses. I organized the 25 different health conditions into four groups that had the same averages. Please note that I did not include in my statistical analysis a few very extreme reported amounts of consumed noni juice that fell way out of the normal range.
Table 4. Breakdown of ounces of Noni consumed Per Day by condition
Group 1: Min. ¼ oz/day • Average Consumption 2 oz/day • Max. 21oz/day
Energy Increased
Mental Acuity Increased alertness
Muscle Increased body building
Sexual Enhancement Increased
Stress Coped Better
Well-being Felt Better
Group 2: Min. ¼ oz/day • Average Consumption 2½ oz/day • Max. 24 oz/day
Allergy Lessened Symptoms
Asthma Improved
Digestion Improved
Kidney Health Improved
Menstruation Lessened Symptoms
Obesity Lost some excess weight
Sleep Improved
Group 3: Min. ½ oz/day • Average Consumption 3 oz/day • Max. 28oz/day
Arthritis Lessened Symptoms
Depression Lessened Symptoms
Diabetes, Types 1&2 Improved
High Blood Pressure Decreased
Pain, including Headaches Decreased
Smoking Stopped
Group 4: Min. ½oz/day • Average Consumption 3½ oz/day • Max. 30 oz/day
Cancer Lessened Symptoms
CEFIDS, Fibromyalgia Lessened Symptoms
Heart Disease Decreased Symptoms
HIV Lessened Symptoms
Multiple Sclerosis Lessened Symptoms
Stroke Decreased Symptoms
  This “custom” usage chart may be helpful to those who are looking for a more precise amount of Traditional Noni Juice to drink according to the condition that they wish to improve. Please remember that in some rare cases allergic symptoms to Noni may occur. If persistent diarrhoea or any major allergic symptoms appear, such as hives, swelling, or difficulty in swallowing, stop drinking noni for three days, then start drinking it again at half the amount. If possible, slowly build back up to the more helpful amount. If these symptoms reappear, stop drinking noni juice. If minor hypersensitivity side effects appear, such as belching, mild transient diarrhoea or a slight rash or itching, then reduce the amount of noni you drink until the undesired symptoms disappear. If these symptoms persist, stop drinking noni juice. In both cases, notify your health professional and follow his or her advice.’ Source: Solomon, Neil, MD, PhD, 2000. Noni Juice – How Much, How Often for What. Direct Source Publishing, Utah USA.Bookmark and Share
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